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Your gateway for discovering new animation from Asia-Pacific!

Realscreen is thrilled to announce that AAS 2020 and 2021 will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

Join us there and discover Asia-Pacific’s best new animation for kids first. PLUS connect with new partners in Indonesia’s fast-growing and vibrant creative industry.

More info and registration coming soon.

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Now in its eighth year, the Asian Animation Summit (AAS) is an annual event designed to showcase Asia’s strongest animated projects looking for investors and partners.

All workshops take place from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm ET, with networking to follow from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm ET


September 22, 2021

How to Deliver the Optimal Pitch

Kevin Wright, The Optimal Pitch

Join Kevin Wright (former SVP Programming, The Movie Network, HBO Canada, Family Channel) as he presents How to Deliver the Optimal Pitch. Packed with practical tips and insights from the Decision Maker’s POV, this session will reveal how to create and deliver a concise and persuasive pitch.

Upon completion of this Masterclass, participants will:

  • Be able to identify and develop the key elements of a successful pitch;
  • Understand the Decision Maker’s process and the questions that will test their pitch;
  • Know how to create a compelling logline;
  • Be able to navigate the road map of a formal pitch.

Delivering your project on time and on budget is part of what makes you a preferred production partner. Here, learn up-to-the-minute tips on how to create a budget in the new production environment that will work for all concerned.

Archive content is having its moment in the sun now, with producers and audiences delving into a range of enthralling archive-based programming. You will hear from two leading archive producers about what you need to know to create captivating non-fiction content from archive material. Discussion to follow and all of your questions answered.

The sizzle reel can be the part of your pitch that seals the deal or presses pause on your project. Hear from producers who have honed their sizzles to perfection about how you can do the same.


In the ever-expanding content universe, the need to create programming that cuts through is paramount, and big ideas can sometimes require big budgets. Therefore, coproduction is increasingly a factor in creating high-end factual programming. But it can be hard enough to meet the needs of one broadcaster or production partner, let alone several. Here, you'll learn from experienced execs about the ways to navigate the challenges inherent in the copro process, what to watch out for, and ways to maximize the potential of your partnerships.

Anyone can have a great idea for an unscripted series or factual program, but getting that idea to the right buyer can be a formidable challenge. And while some buyers make themselves more accessible via producers' portals and other ways, it can still be considerably difficult to get access to the executives who can steer your project towards a greenlight. Here, you'll hear from unscripted programming agents who will share their thoughts on what agents can offer, how to get representation, and why -- and when -- you might need it.

In unscripted programming, it’s all about the cast and finding the characters that bring the world you’re exploring to life. Here, you hear from casting experts about how to uncover and cultivate those gems, and what to watch out for when it comes to finding the right front of camera talent.

May 18, 2022

The New Wave: Rising stars in unscripted programming and production

Wes Dening – Head of Global Formats, Eureka

Geno McDermott – President, U.S. Unscripted Television, eOne

Call it the "factual under 40." Here, you’ll meet the fast-rising executives innovating within the unscripted content industry today, and learn their secrets of how to successfully shake up the status quo.

Confused about the difference between "fair use" and "fair report?" Worried you don't have the releases or life rights you need? Threatened with a defamation or invasion of privacy claim? Fear no more! This session will help you understand the legal basics of production, and highlight the risks to worry about and the ones to avoid.

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